Letter from the CEO 2017

Letter from the CEO - 2017

  • June 17, 2017

Dear UrVenue customers and users,

For over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of developing UrVenue through the eyes of the world's largest nightlife and casino operators. They have trusted me with their strategies and operational philosophies. Because of their trust and through an amazing team UrVenue has remained the standard that anyone wants to attain.

I am writing this letter today to inform you that we have begun a complete rewrite on all aspects of UrVenue. Parts being released throughout this year culminating in a completely new product that will revolutionize not only nightlife, but the hospitality industry.

The first portion will be focused on security and infrastructure communication. Soon, when your login to UrVenue, you will be asked to create a universal user account that will become your eternal login for all UrVenue products to come. Besides your login changing and more added security for the operators, you won't see much change in UrVenue and it will continue functioning as it has. Please bear with the inconvenience of creating a universal user account, I promise it will be well worth it in the long run for both the operators and users.

Hand in hand with the largest operators in hospitality (not only in Las Vegas or the United States), we are creating a UrVenue ecosystem that will be immensely beneficial to anyone who is part of it. In 2018, we believe using anything but UrVenue will become a huge competitive disadvantage.

It is unusual for a company to stay in the lead for 15 years and then reinvent itself to further that lead. There are many factors to our success and many thanks to give, I would like to list some of them:


I have turned down financing offers on many occasion, which was not always an easy decision to make. When I see smaller competitors extremely well funded come and go, I realize our lack of large financing has been a blessing. Companies that are slaves to investors are forced to make generic products which do not fulfill any of their customer’s needs. Having money given to you to spend is very different than having to earn that money that you must reinvest to grow. We must work constantly to improve our products while monitoring closely how the industry and technologies are evolving. We must create and give the correct tools to our customers for their operations, and we cannot afford to work on dreams that have little operational benefits. This is how we are constantly reinventing the best system, for the best operators, for over a decade. Because our product and our customers come before our profits.


We have grown to employ nearly 30 full-time employees. Most of them IT engineers who have been with us for years. For all of them and myself, our jobs at UrVenue are part of our lives and we would not contemplate working anywhere else; we are a family. In addition to an incredible spirit, the level of competence is incredible for a company our size. We can develop websites or apps with the latest technology, better and faster than any advertising agency. We have engineers and designers that would be hired in a heartbeat from companies like Google and IBM. Also, we have people with extensive operational knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry whom our customers would dream to have work for them. They stay with us for the long run, because in the end family is most important.


I cannot thank our customers enough for creating UrVenue. We might design the architecture, program it and maintain it, but our customers are the ones who have built it. Our customers have given us an unbelievable amount of trust; they share with us their thoughts and their strategies so we can come up with the best operational tools to support their success. Together, we are constantly brainstorming solutions for them to increase their revenues, operational efficiencies as well as margins. Their trust in us goes beyond confidentiality and intimacy; they sometimes stake their strategies on our promise to develop a product, and they are willing to go through the trials of beta testing and suffering all the bugs that go along with it. Our customers don't only own clubs, they own many different types of properties, which sometimes far exceed their nightlife assets. They have often expressed their wish to extend UrVenue outside of nightlife and after discussing with them for years what we can do, we have decided to completely redo UrVenue to better serve nightlife and expand to other industries as well.


I am very lucky to have made incredible lifelong friends, among our customers, among my staff and colleagues, in my personal life and even among some competitors. These are people with whom I will remain friends with whatever the future holds and wherever our respective paths bring us. Building a company from the ground up without financing for over a decade has not been easy, especially when life made sure that nothing ever went as planned. You need to work hard, you need to believe in yourself, you need hold firm in the face of adversity while staying honest and true to your values. I can assure you that without friends supporting me, UrVenue would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

When it comes to your jobs and how UrVenue can help you, we are all on the same team.

Thank you for being part of team UrVenue and for your continued support.


Cedric Ancellin - CEO

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