Plan & prepare your day

Manage your reservations entered by your staff as well as reservations sent through websites, facebook, apps, ticket sellers, and affiliates.

Anytime, anywhere.

Acces UrVenue from any device

Whether it be smartphones, iPads, tablets, or desktops.. no problem. No matter the device, you can access UrVenue's cloud-based service.

UrVenue's Core.

Reservation Management

No more post it notes, napkins with names on them, excel spreadsheets, google docs... oh the list goes on. All your reservations from all your providers and staff in one place. Stop losing valuable customer data by having reservation information available at your fingertips 24/7.

Communicate to the public with

Event Management, Resident DJs, and Promotions

Keep track of all your upcoming and past events with our event management tools. Update your team on new promotions & events, upload event flyers, customize recurring dates, add public & internal notes, you name it.

Resident DJs is our newest addition to the events system. You can now choose from a library of professinal DJs or create your own. Label them as resident DJs or attach them to events. A great promotional tool for any DJ.

Power your image

Customized, dynamic CMS

Control all your content from one place. Use our new C.M.S. (Content Management System) to upload all your upcoming events, photo galleries, videos, slideshows, and have it display across your website, Facebook, and your mobile app all at once.

Manage your guests

Track your guests throughout their visit. Scan them, check them in, print chit sheets, know what they spend and consume, and who took care of them -- all stored in UrVenue.

Real-time seating at your fingertips

Floor Management

Whether you're on an iPad, a laptop or both, use our seating map for real time floor management to better manage your venue.

Virtual Guest List


Tired of using pen and paper or tally counter at the door? Try out our all new Virtual Check-In application for iPad and other mobile devices.

Data collection for your customers

Customer Tracking

The most advanced and comprehensive customer tracking on the market. We've built our tracking tools from the ground up with requests from our top-grossing clients in mind. UrVenue tracks your customers every step of the way, helping you keep a detailed history of your customers. Track your guests throughout their visit. Scan them, check them in, print chit sheets, know what they spend and consume, and who took care of them -- all stored in UrVenue.

Powerful data collection

Barcode Scanning

Get priceless data from your stream of customers. More than just age verification; our scan technology allows for a large mine of data to use for your benefit.

Market to your customers

Hold your staff accountable, reward them and pay commissions. Know what guests to target and have the tools to reach out to them. With urvenue, data is not simply information stored away but a complete CRM solution to maximize the efficiency of your staff while maximizing revenues by targeting to the right customers.
Harness the power of the most advanced CRM

Robust CRM System

Imagine being able to look up your best customer and see how many times they have been to your venue in the last week, month, year... not to mention how much they spent... oh wait did I mention that you would know who sent you their reservation each time as well.

Your teams performance at a glance

Staff Performance

Would you like to know how your staff, both internal and external is performing? Well, we've got that too. Pull reports from number of reservations made to how much data they're entering in the system.

All spend data imported into UrVenue

POS Integration

A busy Saturday night has just ended and you want to see how much money the tables that sat down spent. Not a problem. We can not only keep track of how much your customers spend, but which of your staff or promotions team bring you the customers that spend the most money.

Reach out to your customers

Email blasts, SMS, Facebook, and memberships

Want to reach our to your customer base? Marketing to your list of customers has never been easier. We have powerful tools that allow you to target your audience and send blasts through all mediums.

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