Reservation System

Reservation Management

We support every reservation types you work with. While the most common ones are Guest List and Bottle service we have the flexibility to support any other additional ones you'd like to include, everything from group sales, corporate events, bachelor parties or something different.

Once the reservation types have been created we're going to associate them to a calendar so keep everything nice an organized on your end. You're in control of what days of the weeks you want to use certain reservation types for. You can determine if you will allow web inquiries or if your staff are the only ones that can add guests through the system.

By having the reservation types belong to their own calendar you can easily filter how many requests you have per reservation, per day, for the next week, month or as far out as you'd like.

POS Integration

Integrate your POS system to your UrVenue account. Once you integrate your POS system you will link all your POS logs with the reservations that have been entered in UrVenue.
By having accurate spending info in your UrVenue account you will have the ability to easily generate the reports you are interested in generating such as: top spending customers, gross revenue, spent net, etc.

Chit Printers

Checking in your customers can be very simple. By having your printers configured you can check in your guests while the system prints out a chit slip to have your customers sign off on the amount minimum and the service charges your venue works with.
We'll adjust the gratuity and sales taxes so everything is consistent with how your venue operates. Every chit slip includes your customers information, their name, amount minimum and the amount they're agreeing to spend.

Event Management

Managing a success venue requires a solution with the flexibility to manage all the different event types that you need to. Whether you have a single date event a recurring event throughout a longer date range. You need a one-stop solution where this can be done in a few clicks.

Promoting an event is not limited to a vertical event flyer. We understand that, whether you need to create multiple image types for your event, a banner for your homepage, a square image for your calendar and a vertical flyer for your page description. Once we set up your account you just need to drag and drop the images, our system will take care of the rest.

Internal Seating

Manage your tables internally through your seating map.
Assign reservations to tables, accommodate walk-in customers as they arrive without affecting your previously sold tables.
Seat reserved parties as they arrive and view your reservations by their time, all in real time.

Live Check-In

Checking in large numbers of walk-in guests at the same time as your previous reservations, during reduced periods of time, can create chaos at the door if you don't have the right technology.

We provide the ability for you and your staff to easily and quickly check in your guests, no matter if you're checking in guest list, bottle service, or even re-entries.

User Accounts

Every staff member in your team will have his or her personal account. Through user accounts, you can track your staff performance and control their access.

Limit your team's access based on their roles at your company and their daily tasks.
Our access groups are the most flexible solutions in the industry, providing you the ability to create custom access groups to specific features which can be configured for your full account or per venue, in the case that you work with multiple venues.

Every access group has two denominators; access group and department manage every account. Access groups determine what they can and can't do within the system while departments are mainly used for segmentation.

Mobile Printer

Printing off chit slips is no longer a stationary solution. Now your staff can speed up the process by walking through the line and printing off chit slips or tickets from their mobile phones.

Seating Map

Multichannel Display

UrVenue is the core system used by all the top venues to manage the content all the different web channels used to drive sales and traffic. Once you create your events and setup your pricing in UrVenue That information is populated on every web channel, starting with your website, micro websites and all the different social networks you've decided to integrate.

Responsive Design

With thousands of different devices to access your website we strive to provide a solution that will efficiently display on all the different devices.

Whether your customers are booking through a laptop, a tablet or using their phone.

Our solutions always offer a responsive design, this is to assure your customer's booking experience is always as great as possible.

Increase Online Sales

Reach a global audience by providing online bookings and secure reservations by requiring deposits for your tables.

Your account will adapt to your process, whether you want to charge your customer instantly or have a host approve their request before charging the card.

Receiving a deposit increases the commitment level from your customers while reducing your no show rate and securing your profit.

Virtual VIP Experience

Immerse web users with an Interactive 3D Map. Allow your guests to request their table by location while keeping the final decision in your team's hands.

Streamline your booking process by communicating the information your guests want to know, the table location, capacity, and pricing. This will reduce the amount of time your hosts spent on their bookings while improving your customer's overall experience.

Real Time Table Sync

Know exactly what's going on in your floor the moment it happens. Any updates made to your tables will reflect in your team's account in real time.

All your tables will be color coded to indicate their status. Whether you've just received a bottle request from your website or one of your hosts booked a table through their UrVenue account. You are able to see all your tables on the same map and instantly know which are reserved, which are in use and which are up for grabs.

Table Auto Assign

Automate your reservation process to dramatically reduce the amount of time your hosts spend on your nightly bookings.
Table bookings can be automated as much as you need. While more exclusive nightclubs might not want to automatically approve and assign table requests as they come in, this process is perfect for the clubs that want their process simplified.
Our system will automatically assign your reservations to your available tables depending on the section your customer requested. As soon as the table is reserved the stock is also updated so you do not have to worry about overbooking.

Time Slots

If you are either a sports bar, a restaurant, or a different type of venue that offers table reservations throughout the day you will need the ability to not only receive requests but also to organize them by the time the customer would like to reserve the table for.

Through our solution you can internally organize your reservations so they display by the order of the reservation time.

Ticket Engine

Custom Inventory

Create your tickets, table deposits or packages through a few clicks.

Whether you need to create general admission tickets, packages, table deposits, or something different. The solution is only a few clicks away through UrVenue.

Once you create your inventory you are able to create a template that includes all the different items you are selling for that date, tickets table deposits, and packages. Once the template is created you can easily import it to any upcoming event or a full date range.

When your customers complete a transaction they will receive digital tickets that include their sale information and a QR code, which your staff can scan upon the guests' arrival.

Release Times

Setup your events with a scheduled release date and time.

If you are creating an event but don't want it to reflect on your website for either a few days or several months, you can add them and configure them so they don't get released until the moment you need them to.

Once you configure the release date and time, the event will display on all your web channels as soon as it reaches that point in time.

Cut-off Times

Most venues work with cut-off times because they want to make an event more attractive.
You first want to assure you are going to bring in as many people as possible and, once you've met your milestone, you can then use pricing trigger.

Now in the case of cut off times, you will be able to offer a separate pricing tier, the pre-sale, as to what the tickets will cost at your door.
If you are charging more at the door, then what's stopping people from just purchasing the tickets online? Because of this we setup cut off times, so you can now be sure that after a specific time, the only way to purchase tickets is directly at your venue upon arrival.

Pricing Trigger

We understand the importance of creating a buzz and urgency for your customers to purchase tickets to your venue.
Through your account you can setup different pricing tiers according to your sales, you can add up as many pricing triggers as needed and always check in your item configuration how many have been sold and what's the current item pricing for your online sales.

Individual Customer Quotes (PreAuths)

Provide your customer a custom quote for their booking. When you setup your general pricing tiers you will eventually come across the case when you need to provide your customer with a different quote. Whether it's lower or higher from what your general audience has access to.

For these scenarios, we provide you the "Pre-Auth" links. This gives you the ability to:

A) select an Item from your inventory
B) adjust the info (capacity, price, deposit etc.)
C) send the personalized quote to your customer.

We understand that hosts are the ones dealing most of the communication with your customers, for this reason, they have the ability to create a custom quote, now, we also know that hosts might make mistakes or offer a guest a deal that might not comply with your terms. For this reason host's 'Pre- Auth's must be approved by management before being sent out to the guests. You can learn more about this by going here.

Coupon Codes

Whether you are running a marketing campaign on the radio, a website, through social media ad spaces or something completely different. You will need the ability to create a promo code (a specific word that will 'trigger' a price reduction from the standard fee).

Through your account, you can setup as many promo codes as needed for ANY item. General Admission Tickets, Table Deposits etc., you can create the text you would like to setup and determine if it will discount a flat amount or a percentage of the general fee.

These promo codes also work based off 'stock', this means that you can setup 3, 5, 17 or any any amount of promos you'd like to create. Also you can setup an expiration date for your codes, this way you can choose the exact day and even hour that you want your promo codes to stop working, no matter the stock left. As soon as they've all been redeemed, or they've reached the expiration date, no more discounts.

Web Solutions

Full Websites

Take advantage of our multidisciplinary team by having them create a custom website around your Venue's needs.

Each website we create is optimized to display properly on every device, including desktop, tablets and mobile. After creating the website we'll integrate it to your accounts so you can manage everything through our built in CMS (content management system).

Managing the content on your website is done with a few clicks or easy drag and drop features. All the booking requests from your website are stored in your UrVenue account to keep everything centralized in your account.

Event Calendar

Manage your event calendar through your UrVenue account. Eliminate the dependency from a web developer or a complex system. Through UrVenue you are in control, you can instantly update your events the moment you want to within a few seconds.

Our objective is to keep everything for you simple and to provide your end users with a great experience. In your account you create the events and decide which reservation types and ticket items you want to offer for each event.
On your guests' side they submit their request and make their purchase as effortless as possible. As soon as their request or transaction is completed everything is stored in your account and segmented to the correct date.


Even if you don't use our full website solution, and choose to only integrate our modules in your website, it's always better to keep everything organized and in one place!

With our CMS you can take care of your website's integrations' content, such as media galleries, without having to access multiple systems, quickly and easily.

Ready-to-go Website

Most nightlife bookings are now managed online, because of this we can not allow our customers to waste any time waiting weeks or months for a web solution.

We provide our customers with a ready to go web solution to start receiving online bookings as quickly as possible.
One of the core features in our system is the ability for our customers to easily manage the content on their website through our system.

Facebook Integrations

We will create a microsite within your venue page in one of the most used social media networks so you can reach your audience a lot better.
Sell tickets, collect table deposits, take in reservations, all from your Facebook page.

We take the next step in assuring that our modules display on your Facebook page in a way that is consistent with your web design and keep your brand consistent.

Individual Staff Sites to track sales

Equip your whole team with their unique web site. Your team will have the tools they need to promote your events in their social circles, social networks or any other channels they might use.

Every booking that is processed through their link is registered internally so you can track your staff's performance.


Data Mining

We are in the information economy.
By integrating our solutions through the web you are able to gather much more information from your customers and store everything in your CRM.
Collect the information that matters to you, such as your customer's gender, their birthday, average spent, favorite liquors, social profiles and much more.

Customer Profiles

Every reservation that's entered into your system is associated with a customer profile. Customer profiles are created the first time a reservation is entered int eh system while recurrring reservations are linked to pre-existing profiles.

Through customer profiles, you're able to track your customer's spending, visiting patterns, beverage preferences or any other information you're interested in tracking.

Configure custom categories to better segment your custeomers based on their visiting frequescy, music preference, social status, liquor preferences or any other custom configuration you might need. Once your customer has been labeled with respective categories you can later pull reports per categories .

Spend Report

Keep track of your customer's spending accurately.

You can improve your accuracy by interacting with your POS system integration, or track your customer's spending by having your staff manually enter the spent amounts after each event.

Staff Performance

Quickly see how well your staff is doing, whether you want to track the number of new customers they've brought in, or you want to know how much revenue they've generated, or if you want to see how many of their reservations actually include emails & phone numbers.

Dynamic Reporting

Our CRM provides the ability to create custom reports, this way your reports include all the information that matters to you.

Create different reports that provide valuable insight in different areas, from accounting, marketing or even commission payouts for your promoters.
View your reports online through your account or download them to an excel.

Social Profiles

Most reservation requests that are submitted through UrVenue include a legitimate email address. While the average Internet user has 5 different social accounts these social accounts are typically created with the same email address. Imagine if you had access to all of your customer's social media accounts? How much better would you understand your customers and how could you use this data to increase your revenue.

Through our social media profile button, you are now able to instantly see what social networks are associated with that email address. And have instant access to those accounts with a click of a button.

Automated Reporting

Once you've created your custom reports you will have the ability to schedule an automated delivery date.

Configure as many scheduled reports as needed, for example: your accounting team might want a Closing Report every Monday at 7am that includes your gross sales broken down by item types. While a VIP Host will want an automated Commission Report every Tuesday at 12pm to know what is owed to all your promoters.

Track your Sales

Know where your sales are coming from.
Find out whether they're coming from your website, social networks, or your affiliates, and how much traffic is being actually generated by your own staff upon sharing an event. Get a real projection on where your sales are generating and where you're getting the most from.

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