The protection of your data is our top priority. Your data is simply that, your data. UrVenue simply stores it on its’ servers in the United States and makes it available through the Urvenue interface. UrVenue is based on Internet technologies with security as a primary concern. This included your data and all other confidential information. We use many tools to ensure that this information is only available or accessible by users approved by your company’s administrator for our services. These tools include:

1) Access Groups

You can define groups that users can be assigned to that control what can be seen and modified. Every user is associated with an Access Group that constrains his or her access.

2) IP Restriction

Higher level packages allow you to restrict access groups with IP. Meaning you can specify, for example, that an administrator’s privileges can only be accessed from a specific physical location.

3) Exporting Data

Although you can run reports, it is impossible to download the data from UrVenue’s servers from the UrVenue interface. Even if a user gets the username and password of an administrator with full access, the data itself cannot be downloaded. To get a targeted email list from our server, you need to request it through the interface, and it will then be emailed to the administrator’s email on file.

4) Logs of Access

We based our security on HIPAA and CCHIT specifications, developed for Health Information Privacy. Following their guidelines, every page that is viewed by a user is recorded, every modification to data is recorded so we keep a copy of the record prior to modification. Everything is always tracked and nothing is ever erased from our databases. In Addition, when a user logs in, we keep track of where he/she logs in from and what browsers he/she uses. You cannot be logged twice in at the same time with the same account, if another party attempts to login using your password, you will be logged off and informed of it. You can then use our logs to identify the culprit and reverse any changes that were made. Access Logs can also be used as a tool to be sure your staff actually does what they claim. No more “I entered this reservation last night” when they did it 5 seconds ago after they were questioned why the reservation was missing.

5) Redundancy

Our production servers are located in a dedicated locked cage. Located in secure buildings with 24 hour security and magnetic key access, owned by XO communications in Henderson, NV. A fallback server, located in a facility owned by ServerPoint in Las Vegas, NV, holds a copy of the database, only a few minutes behind. In the case the XO location goes dark, you can still access your data through our fallback servers. In case your internet connection goes down, we can fax you your reservations for the day.

6) Backups

We keep full backup images of the past 10 days, and one backup for every monday prior to that. Backups are stored in three separate locations across the United States so even if Las Vegas dissapears your data will still be safe with UrVenue.

7) On Site Server

If you want more security, we advise you order our “On Site Server” enhanced product. The server with your data will be at your location and your network administrator can use any means to control access to the interface. It will communicate with other UrVenue servers through encrypted connections for backups and to receive internet submitted reservation that you authorize.