The protection of your data is our top priority. Your data is simply that, your data. UrVenue simply stores it on its’ servers in the United States and makes it available through the UrVenue interface. UrVenue is based on Internet technologies with security as a primary concern. This included your data and all other confidential information. We use many tools to ensure that this information is only available or accessible by users approved by your company’s administrator for our services. These tools include:

Seating Map Hardware

  • You can define groups that users can be assigned to that control what can be seen and modified. Every user is associated with an Access Group that constrains his or her access.
  • Seating Maps can work in a limited manner on some specific windows configurations. All features are not available on Windows systems.

Epson Thermal Printers

  • Ability to print receipts from Podium System or Tablet of Mobile Device if printer is connect to a Mac on the same network as the device.
  • Use of receipts for printing of Guest list, re-entry, and different admission types for tracking and commitment envelops for bottle service.
  • Link to purchase these devices:
  • Devices must have power supply and USB cords if you select not to purchase them from ensure they have all parts that go to them included.

Guest List Check In

  • Ability to check in guests from iPad, Macbook, iPhone and iTouch.
  • Check in can work in a limited fashion on non-Apple product such as Windows and Android.

Peripheral Products

  • Laptop cases – can be purchased at any electronics store for the laptops you select (Best Buy, Fry’s, Apple, etc).
  • Keyboard and Mouse – recommended to have this for the laptop that will be used for seating at the Podium (can be faster than the track pad for staff unfamiliar with using a track pad on a laptop).
  • Internet cables – if the connection is wired need a hub and internet cables for the number of computer that will be connected.
  • Wireless internet – wireless router to run devices that are not connected by a wire.
  • Thermal Paper – if using the Epson thermal printers must purchase replacement paper for them.