Together we lead the industry

Founded in 2011, UrVenue has consistently powered top-tier hospitality brands across the globe. We’re continually building upon our dynamic, fast, and inventive collection of software, empowering hospitality companies with innovative technology solutions to manage and grow their businesses.

Who we are

We believe in turning ideas into solutions to bring constant value to our customers. We live and breathe new thinking, adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our constituents.

Hospitality businesses large and small is our focus

We collaborate with our clients to further innovate the hospitality industry.

Our Values

We’re data-driven, client-centric, safety first innovators. We’re always committed to being at the forefront of technology, with products & solutions that are reliable, safe, and well-established within the hospitality industry.

Paving the way

At UrVenue, we focus our effort to be at the technological forefront in developing efficient products for our clients.

Safety & Security

We understand that security and auditing are critical to our industry. We view security and auditing as central to our platform by working closely with all necessary agencies to obtain key certifications, and validate our business practices.

Passion. Growth. Reliability.

We believe in bold ideas, in being passionate about our craft, and in delivering solutions beyond boundaries.

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