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At the recent UV Enterprise launch party, which introduced the first Property Experience Management System (PXMS), Derek Stevens, Circa Resort & Casino’s Owner and CEO, explained why Circa chose UrVenue as a technology partner and how using a PXMS let him achieve his vision for the property. Stevens emphasized that he looked for a partner that would allow Circa’s visitors to choose and customize their experiences.

“We knew we needed a technology partner that was going to match up with some of our vision and our creativity. So, we were fortunate enough to meet up with UrVenue, and UrVenue was the right provider and the right partner for Circa Las Vegas. When we determined that we want people to be able to buy their seats in the sportsbook, their cabanas, their poolside boxes, their owner suites, their lounge chairs at Stadium Swim, all these booths up here [at the Legacy Club], we thought we were going to create some great experiences,” Stevens said. 

Stevens emphasized that they needed a technology partner that was going to provide guests the flexibility to make their own choices and enable Circa to showcase the property’s greatest assets, including the views from Legacy Club and the club seats in the world’s largest sportsbook. The robust features of UrVenue’s system, coupled with the shared vision for the property, were key factors to the success of the partnership.

Stevens concluded his speech by thanking UrVenue and saying, “Thanks UrVenue for really helping us grow. I’ll always be very honored…We’re coming up on two years here, and UrVenue’s been a critical partner for all of us.”

Watch the full video of Derek Stevens’ speech at the UV Enterprise launch party at Circa’s Legacy Club here: