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UrVenue CEO Deron Pearson shares how we worked overtime during the pandemic to help our resort and hospitality partners bounce back in this recent article published in Las Vegas Business Press.

From the article:

In a city where customer service and hospitality are quintessential Vegas, from shows, meetings, events, gaming, shopping and top restaurants, our city is known for human interaction but it’s also the reason why Vegas has been hit hardest by COVID-19. Many resorts are feverishly looking for innovative ways to drive the right level of demand, while giving visitors the customer service they desire but in safe and contactless ways.

We at UrVenue worked overtime to help our partners bounce back. Our company has been known as a booking platform throughout the Strip and downtown, helping companies like Wynn Resorts and Caesars Entertainment with non-hotel room bookings such as cabana rentals, sportsbook package experiences and nightclub special event tickets.

We’ve been evolving, and more so now, because of this pandemic. We’ve managed to increase our workforce by 25 percent and have been able to focus our time and energy on developing software that gives resorts solutions to fight this downturn and to position our company to come out stronger post-pandemic.

We’re arming our resort clients with ways to interact with their soon-to-be customers before setting foot through their doors by showcasing what they can offer before a client even checks in. More contactless mobile solutions such as mobile menus, mobile entertainment options, mobile wait lists and chatbots driving conversational commerce are the type of innovations that will become a staple long after we’ve found a vaccine for COVID-19.

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