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Tis the Season of Sports!

As we move deep into Autumn, a time for falling leaves, harvest moons and pumpkin spice, there’s one activity that most of our hospitality guests look forward to: cheering on their favorite sports teams.

The question is… are you maximizing your venue’s ability to monetize this time of year? From regular season match-ups, to playoff games and beyond, Emily Curtin, Director of Operations at UrVenue, shares four industry best practices that result in higher seasonal revenues.

  1. Drive pre-sale game day revenue by offering unique booking options like “bar stools” or “recliner chairs” on your website or digital channels. This may include reserved front row seating (AKA best tables or bar stools in the house) with a food and beverage package made just for sport fanatics.
  2. It’s not unusual to change the way you monetize your inventory on peak demand days.  For example, instead of taking a “reservation” for a table on a big game day, offer your premier tables with a “food and beverage minimum” and a specialized game-day menu instead.  Or offer locations as “rent by the hour” where you charge guests for the specific hours they want to stay.
  3. There is no doubt most sports fans like celebrating with their crew, so remember to offer large group party packages.  All inclusive “crew packages”  work well because the cost can be divided amongst the group in advance so there is no worrying about splitting a check at the venue.
  4. Lastly don’t forget to incorporate yielding into your online sales, the more you pre-sale in advance (game day admissions, food and beverage minimums, or experience packages), the higher revenues you can get.

Emily mentions that UrVenue supports all of these best practices and her team is ready to help you realize more revenue!