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We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW UrVenue +Booking features. We have taken the next step to make it easier for your employees to book multiple experiences for your customers, all in one place. 

The new, added +Booking features include:

        • A new look for easier navigation and simplicity

        • Ability to add items for multiple days into one checkout cart

        • Ability to add multiple items (or multiple of the same item) into one checkout cart

        • New pay type options: custom quote, full comp, and no minimum

        • New checkout options: hold, manual payment, payment link, and reserve

We thank you for being a valued client of UrVenue. Please reach out to your Account Manager or Customer Care Team for any questions you may have. Additionally please let your Account Manager know if you would like to sign up for an additional training session. We are happy to provide training and new feature support for all current clients. 

If you are not a current client, click here to request a demo and learn more about how UrVenue can help you monetize your non-room inventory.