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Emily Curtin, Director of Operations at UrVenue, lays out successful tactics you should consider for maximizing your pool operation’s potential revenue.

Pre-Sell Inventory

Pre-sell all of your non-room inventory such as cabanas, daybeds, chairs and umbrellas to increase revenue potential.

Yield Inventory with Price Tiers

Optimize and automate revenue management by intelligently adjusting inventory pricing across all touchpoints. Even small adjustments will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Up-Sell In Advance

Drive incremental revenue by upselling guests on unique, relevant experiences within the booking journey. Offer an umbrella, or a bucket of cold beer waiting at their Cabana. It makes the guest feel like they are in charge of their experience.

Get Creative

Packages that are tailored to your guests preferences tend to sell really well. We have seen that guests prefer to book preset packages that combine food and beverage with amenities. Taking the guess work out of the booking journey allows your guests to enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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