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UrVenue Survey

LAS VEGAS, May 25, 2021 – With resort restrictions starting to lift across the country, leading hospitality technology company, UrVenue, conducted an online survey specifically focusing on luxury leisure travelers and insights into their future travel plans. The study titled, “Integrated Resorts and their Amenity Booking Capabilities” found that 76% of luxury travelers are ready to go on vacation this year and 85% of travelers are more motivated to book experiences in advance and directly within a resort’s website with one singular shopping cart.

The study, conducted on the YouGov Direct platform, had 500 high-income American adult respondents (with an annual gross income of $100,000+) share their preferences with how they are thinking about their booking choices for their next adventure.

Within the survey, luxury leisure travelers share their:

  • Comfort level and post-pandemic travel plans
  • Online booking preferences beyond the hotel room
  • Itinerary building booking preferences for amenity and cross-resort purchases
  • And more

“As we emerge from the pandemic, we wanted to reach out directly to high-income leisure travelers to understand not only their readiness to travel, but also how their booking behaviors and expectations have changed because of the pandemic,” said Tracee Nalewak, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of UrVenue. “The survey confirmed travelers are looking for advanced planning capabilities for experiences on-property. Through our seamless booking flow and shopping cart, leisure travelers are able to book their experiences in advance and hotels get the benefit of this with higher on-property retention rates and increased revenue per customer – it’s a win-win.”  

UrVenue, with its proprietary technology, can integrate with other booking platforms seamlessly, to provide guests with a singular shopping cart and checkout through any digital touchpoint including websites, apps, kiosks, chatbots, and voice assistants.

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Download the Integrated Resorts & Amenities Insights 2021 Study

Download the Integrated Resorts & Amenities Insights 2021 Study