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Together, UrVenue and Satisfi Labs launched UV Chat, a contactless customer service and booking chatbot for fulfilling safer, frictionless experiences.

By putting instant conversational search and real-time booking capabilities into the hands of guests, the partnership enables hospitality companies to implement UV Chat within all of their digital touchpoints including guest apps, websites, on-property kiosks, and other messaging platforms.

The partnership comes at a time when guest safety, access to information, and customization are the focus of every hospitality strategy. UrVenue’s Enterprise Knowledge Management (“EKM”) is optimized to serve AI engines for hospitality chatbots and voice assistants. Satisfi Labs helps bridge the gap with their next-generation Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) to help deliver information that cannot be found on search engines and enable bookings directly in chat for resort inventory such as tickets and shows, reservations, rentals, packages, and other experiences. By implementing new conversational commerce solutions, hospitality companies gain better workforce management, greater operational efficiency, and more engaging booking journeys.

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