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One of the most compelling data points to emerge from UrVenue’s 2021 “Integrated Resorts & Amenities Insights” study was that a majority of luxury travelers (69%) prefer to book directly with a hotel website over an online travel agency (OTA) when making their travel plans online. Moreover, an overwhelming majority (90%) of those same travelers are looking for greater ways to personalize their trip citing that they are more likely to book direct for better access to amenities and experiences.

Modern, upmarket travelers prefer to book directly with hotels and resorts and they respond with overwhelming positivity to opportunities for booking multiple experiences and reservations (that can’t be found on travel portals) in a single booking journey. However, siloed hospitality systems are blocking major revenue opportunities across resorts globally by preventing these high-dollar travelers from customizing their resort experiences at the time of booking their room.

How can a restaurant reservation, show ticket, or cabana purchase turn into opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, package, and bundle profitable resort experiences? Two words: unified booking.

In this whitepaper, Eric Yusefzadeh, Vice President of Enterprise at OpenTable; Mark Fancourt, Co-Founder of TRAVHOTECH; Brad Busby, General Manager at Highgate Hospitality Group; and Tracee Nalewak, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at UrVenue, discuss the issues of relying on multiple, siloed systems in the resort setting — a situation that frustrates guests and hospitality professionals alike, and which the hospitality tech industry has been unable to remedy until now.

We invite all future-forward resort professionals seeking solutions to exponentially drive hospitality commerce to read this whitepaper. The hospitality thought leaders included in this discussion share their insights on all aspects of unified booking including how the guest experience is enhanced, factors influencing current and future guest expectations, and more.

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Unified Booking: Unlock Hospitality Revenue Beyond the Room